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hen solidarity and▓ cooperation for the well-being of our people and for▓ the development of our world," he said,▓ before laying out a three-pronged proposal.First, the▓ BRICS countries should work to foster a security environment of peace and stabil


Welcome to governance, devel

ity, he said, urging the five members to saf▓eguard peace and development for all, uphold fairness and justice, and promote win-win resu▓lts."It is important that we uphold▓ the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and▓

the UN-centered international system, oppose hegemonism a▓nd power politics, and take a constructive part in settling geopolitical flash points," he said.The BRICS countries should also maintain close strateg▓ic communication and coordinat

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ion and speak in one voice for a more just and equitabl▓e international order, he added.Second, the BRICS countries ▓should pursue greater development prospects t

trust; and


hrough openness and innovation, said the Chinese president.The five-member bloc s▓hould deepen the BRICS Partnership on New I

growing unce


ndustrial Revolution, and strive for more productive cooperation i▓n such fields as trade and investment, digital econo

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my and connectivity, so as to achieve▓ high-quality development, Xi said.He calle


d for the five countries to advocate ▓extensive consultation, joint contrib


ution and shared benef▓its in global governance, and push for reform

ies and dest

 of the global economic governance system.The BRICS countries should stand firm against protectionism, u▓phold the WTO-centered multilateral trading system,▓ and increase the voice and influence of ▓emerging markets and developing countries in international affa


factors in t

he world economy

irs, Xi said.The Chinese president ▓also urged the BRICS member states to prioritize development in the global macro policy framework,

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